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Hi, I am Priscilla Díaz, I began to use an analogue camera when I had the need to document my projects at the University. The process did not take much because I discovered that it was the medium I wanted to use not only as way to make documentation, also as part of my artistic process. When I started traveling, photography became a way of life. From a perspective of a constant movement and change, time was an element that always appears on the way of photography.

Today I work as freelance photographer. I consider myself versatile, I enjoy to work on challenging projects from different areas that require developing new skills and apply existing ones in new situations to bring the best results. My works are related to a variety image content include social reportage, lifestyle portraits, architecture.
I create permanent visual images for a big range of creative, technical and documentary purposes. I usually work to a brief set from Clients, research each project seeking out appropriate photographic subjects and emphasize  the assignment on its particular  character.
As an artist my personal works are driven by two lines of Interest:   Our relation to the places we live, the experience on it, how we inhabit it and create our personal and emotional maps around. Unfolding of the images that show us a relationship in time. From one image to another, I discover my fascination for human encounters, true personalities that reveal me the sensing life and sincere through photography. The beauty behind every personal story comes from the character of the people, the atmosphere of the places. I believe that there is an influence the way I get involved and my relation to the things what happen.
I create images that oscillate between the real and the imagined. Events turn  my own vision  to  discover the particularity on each story.  I like documenting people from all walks of life and all situations, that inspire me, that cross the boundaries of my own experience.
Happy having new projects or collaborate to create visual  compositions for you.

I was born in Mexico City in 1979. Earning a Master degree in Fine Arts at the UAEM University in my homeland. At the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC), Barcelona I have  completed additional training and formation to accurate proficiency on photographic techniques.

Storytelling  | Porträt | Immobilien | Hochzeitsfotografie


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