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My intention is to find the mix of spontaneity and excitement at every stage of the event, from the spectacular to the simple, without forgetting the elegance of the details, making visible  the corners of beauty. I like to tell stories following intuitively every demonstration of love. It is always important for me to consider the moment for its singularity. I follow the unforgettable trace of your experience and the most expressive Instants from your wedding day. For me Photography brings together, fragments of those  unique and irreplaceable memories that connect to you.


The aesthetic on my photos is simple. In my work exist a piece of my perspective and own interpretation of the events combined with the beauty of actual moments unfolding around us during your celebration. The possibilities of interpretation about how to represent this moment are unique.  I try to ensure and provide you a photo reportage of your wedding in a documentary style  with the most important moments of love.

Is more than photography, I seek the essence of people and try to convey in each image feelings and emotions.  I consider that an impressive photography is derived from moments of intuition and spontaneity. This mixture of joy, creativity, passion, human connection, love between people is a gift. It is what makes my work satisfactory and inspires me.  Because when those things happen, there is just beauty around.

I know this  event is very special in your life, you will be the protagonist in this crucial instant. That is the reason why I do an emphasis to catch your expression and connection together, because you are creating your own story and I translate it into images you will keep forever.




Let me tell your story

All photography by Priscilla Díaz.



Birds fall in love



Important moments in your life


All photography by Priscilla Díaz.

Couple Sessions

Beyond every image, a vibrant story of love


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Packages + Info

The prices of a Wedding Reportage  start at 480 €


How to book

Write me a line

Please send me an email with basic information about your wedding, date, place etc. Then we can set an appointment for consultations. This is a moment for me to listen your ideas about specific photographs you would like to have from your wedding.
To check availability and for more questions including: prices, timeline, delivery and other coverage details  send an Email
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